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updated 03.01.2017

Dear Visitor, my name is Małgorzata Kreft and I’m glad that you found my blog.

This blog is two years old already. I didn’t expect anything special when I started it, I just wanted to join the community which shares its passion with its members.


January 30, 2015

New menu item “M. in the kitchen” has been added.

Nothing to do with quilting but I decided to add meal pictures which I was making (both the meals and the pictures ;)) more that three years. It started when I asked my husband the usual question: “what to make for a dinner today?”… and he started making pictures of everyday meals  in order to create a menu which would let him to choose easily… It never really happened! Also I didn’t like the pictures made with a phone so I slowly started to make my own ones.

Enjoy! Maybe it’ll ease your pain when answering to “what for a dinner today”? :).

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