Sunday, 31 December 2017

2017 in a nutshell

In a previous post I showed selection of five works, or maybe rather posts, which for some reasons have been the most important to me. This selection is only an approximation , as everything I sew is important to me and somehow related to my emotions.

Here I decided to show all of my works made in 2017 🙂 And it’s 100th post published this year!

This year I was quarterly making a composition of all my works sewed within every three months, and every time I was surprised by the amount of my creation. Below you can see just the last quarter of this year 🙂

After three years of blogging and more than that of patchworking I can say that the most interesting kind of it to me is an art quilt… I adore creating with fabrics a compositions coming straight from my mind, or those which I remembered for some reason.

Sometimes this tendency is broken by modern style…

This year I made two quilts for two the most important guys of my life 🙂
I’d like to mentioned them too. The quilts off course 😉

There are several creations which I didn’t show yet, some of them are still not finished, as they are waiting for their moment. If I made all of those which dwell in my mind I’d have to rent a huge warehouse to fit them all. It’s a strange place, such a head 🙂

For now I’d like to say good bye to everybody and I’m looking for new meetings in New Year at this blog.

Once more I wish you a happy  New Year, a prosperous one and in good health 🙂


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  1. JolaJola

    Przepiękne prace Małgosiu 🙂 Niezmiernie się cieszę, że część z ostatniego kwartału (i nie tylko) minionego roku jest w moim posiadaniu i moich bliskich. Życzę Ci na Ten rok zdrowia, cierpliwości i czasu na następne fantastyczne pomysły i twórczość 🙂

  2. Sandy O

    Your sense of color is extraordinary. Visiting your blog is like a trip to the “eye-candy store.” I would be hard pressed to name one favorite — they’re all my favorites. Can’t wait to see what you make in 2018!


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