Friday, 29 June 2018

Some beige, som creame and some black

… or as requested.

A bag for my mum, very light and a lot of room inside. I hope it will fit 🙂

It supposed to be for shopping, so couldn’t be small. It should be durable and light. A long belt was a must because of the way of wearing it: on a shoulder and with hands free. It was a hard task, will see how it work.

The previous one has been fine for a winter but now something less solid and massive was needed (my mum’s words :)). It appeares that my bags are mostly for carrying the shopping and other hard jobs.

There are four pockets here, two with zippers and two open ones.

There’s something more at the end. There’s a rule, that if you can’t hide something you sohuld expose it… I hadn’t enough fabric for the long belt so I put some other material in the middle. It looks good actually.

Sizes: bottom 30 cm x 10 cm, height 31 cm .

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