Monday, 29 May 2017

The fish story and a call for help

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Let me introduce Hania, a friend of mine, who needs help.

Hania is severely ill. I admire her from all of my heart for her smile and her never-ending sense of humor. Also for her attempts to live as normal as possible regardless of the limitations cause by her illness and never displaying it outside. I admire her even more for enduring bravely one more illness in the situation where nobody expected the change for worse. She was after a kidney replacement surgery because her kidney was destroyed by diabetes.

Let speak Hania for herself. I encourage for help her all who can afford this from all of my heart!

Dear Folks 🙂

Since few months I fight just another illness which got me, which is lymphoma described by a doctors as an aggressive one.

I just finished sixth round of chemotherapy and lymphoma did some damage already. As a result I’m on crutches dreaming about being on my bike again.

A friend of mine advised me on searching for a foundation  which would let me to share some of a medical treatment costs. Together we decided that the best option would be to join AVALON Foundation ( I sent them all the necessary medical documentation and I received sub-account creation confirmation in return. Here is a quote from their letter:

Dear Sirs,

We welcome you as a member of our Foundation. We hope that this is a beginning for long and nice cooperation.

We inform you, that your sub-account has been created. Its Foundation ID is: Leonowicz, 7591.

Here is the instruction how to donate:


By bank transfer or money transfer:

Beneficiary: Fundacja Avalon – Bezpośrednia Pomoc Niepełnosprawnym, Michała Kajki 80/82 lok. 1, 04-620 Warszawa

IBAN account number: PL62 1600 12860003 0031 8642 6001

Bank name: BGŻ BNP Paribas Bank Polska SA

It is necessary to add a proper reference: Leonowicz, 7591 (very important)


Hania Leonowicz

Here is one of my favorite pictures taken during some holidays. Hania and me are on that picture too!


At the end I’d like to show my pouch and explain the title of this post.


Few days ago one Lady quoted me for a pouch for her friend. Sometimes I get e-mails like that. This time I replied that this was a good opportunity for me as this way I could help my friend too.

I will continue to do this, so if you have any needs in terms of patchwork stuff and you’ll agree to support Hania this way please let me know.

The Lady (with a first name like my own:)) liked my works like the flax fishes and this way she came to the idea of using it as a unique gift for her close friend.

It was surprising sequence of events.  I just finished the fishy bag and I intended to put it on some auction in order to help Hania, this motivated me on my work. The Lady liked the bag just when I was making the pouch using remaining pieces of the fishy fabric. It appeared that the pouch would be a right gift for the Lady’s friend so we met. The meeting was so interesting because it appeared that the Lady is active in charity and she let me know about many aspects of helping people. Before this I had a conversation with Ewa, who is one of my „patchwork friends”, and who has some bad experiences regarding the close relative illness too. She encouraged me for acting very much too.

I want to help. I want it very much. I dream about a bike trip with Hania one day again.

By the way my zodiac sign is Pisces 😉

(This post has been authorised by Hania)

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  1. JolaJola

    Myślę, że przy takim wsparciu Hania będzie miała się coraz lepiej. Życzę jej tego z całego serca 🙂 Myślę, że takie małe marzenia są najważniejsze. Wsiąść na rower i pojechać !!! Takie niby nic, a czasem to COŚ najważniejszego w życiu. Trzymam kciuki za Hanię 🙂


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