Friday, 31 August 2018

Fawlty Chimney ;)

…or Margaret’s Magic Hut.

The summer is known for being a season of trips, travels and holidays. When your rambling is over it’s good to have some nice place on your own. So here I’m with my cosy little hotel…

It’s easy to find my hotel for any ‘crafty’ person, or simply being a witch 🙂


As you can see we have some broom park spaces and your pets are welcome too 🙂

I think that everyone needs a place for recuperating some energy and it doesn’t have to be anything real, like domestic or oversees travels. Sometimes this is a place which can be simply found inside yourself.

I wanted to finish my summer postcard series in a humorous way, because however it’s about the competition, the most important part of it is a joy of creation and simply fun. I’v got the idea about this card last year and I even made a sketch for it, but I gave up because of the number of cards I already made then.

This time I again started with a drawing, just to know where I was going to.

I hope, that you enjoyed this summer. So, a summer greeting then for you!

Size: 10 x 15 cm.

komentarze (14)

  1. Lodi

    A (sad) farewell to summer – my favorite season 🙁 .
    Congratulations on your million ‘fans’!

  2. Anutka

    Hahahahah ! 😀 domek na kurzej stópce 😀 jedna z moich ulubionych bajek jak byłam mała 😀 przy czym HELLOOOOŁ!! autorka nie jest wiedźma ! ❤️

      1. Krysia

        może nawet trochę kocham… przecież wiesz , że choć nasze drogi zetknęły się stosunkowo poźno to stałaś się moją przyjaciółką od serca:)


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