Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Summer Wine

I started this quilt more than 3 years ago in 2016, most likely in the summer. Patchwork was then still new to me. Also in my imagination two pieces of the fabric could only be sewed using straight lines.

I delayed it many times making only small progress, looking for a final shape. Eventually my initial dim ideas found its material realization.

It’s all about our summer holidays with loads of sun, air, sea and sand, a glass of wine under  summer stars, spotted nice places and “discovered” lands and islands and most of all a freedom of time, space and traveling through regions and countries. That was my view at the time and it didn’t change much since then.

In the contrary to what I hear from time to time, the world is a very colourful and diverse place to me, which delight me all the time.

Size: 53 cm x 75 cm.

komentarze (8)

  1. KasiaKasia

    Gosiu pamiętam jak zaczęłaś ta pracę. Jest niebiańsko piękna. Dobór kolorów jest niesamowity. Kolory aż krzyczą latem i pięknem życia. Zatkało mnie z wrażenia.

  2. JolaJola

    Wspaniałe te Wasze letnie włóczęgi 🙂 Jest kolorowo, ciepło, smacznie oraz zachwycające widoki. I to są prawdziwe wakacje 🙂


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