Thursday, 2 January 2020

My favorites of 2019

An another year just passed and it’s time for another summary. I’m not sure if those works are the best but they are definitely most important to me for various reasons.

1. Let me start with my favorite the Midnight Garden. It took me two years to finish it so I’m proud of it even more. I didn’t abandon many quilts, but some disappeared in my box. If I can finish something almost already forgotten the joy is even bigger.

2. The Meadow of Black Butterflies was inspired by a beautiful watercolor picture by Marta Konieczny and it has been a beginning of a series under influence of her paintings. I met Marta online only so far, but I hope this acquaintance will became more substantial in time. It’s also worth to mention about our common project, which would be a joined exhibition. So far there’s an idea and a will, which is fair enough at this stage.

3. I didn’t expect this organizer would help to organize my sewing so well! The tools I need and all the bits and pieces are literary under my palm and I don’t have to search for them under all the fabrics all the time. It’s proven to be very useful and the back tunnel in which I put a ruler was a really great solution.

4. I made several birds last year, but the one In the nest provided a special feelings. I still remember sewing it with a great joy and everything was going very smoothly.

5. The idea to make the Mallows was one of the old ones, frequently abandoned and forgotten. This one survived and has been realized.

And at the end there’s almost everything I did last year, except many cosmetics bags and a few other little bits and pieces.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Ela

    Pracowity rok za Tobą, Gosiu. Uszytki dopracowane w każdym calu, obrazy igłą malowane powalają kunsztem, wyobraźnią i niesamowitą umiejętnością tańca na palecie barw. Zachwycam się nieustannie i życzę sobie dalszych zachwytów.

  2. JolaJola

    Wszystkie te prace są wyjątkowe i niepowtarzalne. Niezmiernie się cieszę, że niektóre należą do mnie 🙂 Podziwiam Cię najbardziej za pomysły i oczywiście za wykonanie. Dla mnie to niezwykła sztuka i uczta dla oczu 🙂


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