Monday, 3 December 2018

Postcards for Santa :)

It’s became a kind of tradition already, that for every Christmas I make a few little festive reminders. It’s stil a month to go but the fever is already here.

When I was making them a whole bunch of recollections passed thru my mind… A lovely letters to Santa written by my child. Always mindful and full of details about required presents, also being put into the mailbox in person 🙂 The Santa’s efforts to fulfill those dreams… It wasn’t so easy as it’s is now, maybe not for everybody though…

And even before.. I remember my dad helping us to clean our boots, which we then put into our entrance hall hoping for something small from the Santa’s sack. I couldn’t understand then why my dad couldn’t help his characteristic chuckling, which I remembered for so long. Memories, memories…

I was making those cards using even the tiniest scraps, ribbons bought a long time ago, strings and other ornaments. I’ve put significant amount of effort and time in every single one of them. I recommend this kind of activity to everyone. It’s turning on and relaxing 🙂

Size: 18 x 25 cm.

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  1. KasiaKasia

    Gosiu twoje pracę to cudeńka. Nie mogę się na nie napatrzeć. Ja wciąż wierzę w Mikołaja haha.

  2. aania

    Małgosiu, już nawet szyjesz po angielsku? A na poważnie, to są urocze jak wszystko co wyczarowujesz swoimi rękami (rękoma?). sprawdziłam, że obie formy są prawidłowe np. oczami i oczyma (to ja chłonę Twoje obrazki) 🙂

  3. Ela

    “Kochany Panie Mikołaju, my tak czekamy każdej zimy…..:)” Ależ śliczniutkie.
    Relaks powiadasz, Gosiu:)


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