Friday, 23 August 2019

Cofee time

Long time ago my sister asked me for two pads. She couldn’t tell any details so I didn’t do much about it. When I saw her recently she did it again, drawing some shapes on a table and murmuring something unclear 馃檪 Finally I sewed the first thing which came to my mind.

I bought this fabric because of the print of butterflies, but the big size of it surprised me a little. The pattern made me to shape it as a hexagon.

These pads can be used under a breakfast plate or … even under a pot.

Diagonal size 32 cm, height 28 cm.

komentarze (8)

  1. KasiaKasia

    S膮 cudne, przepi臋kne ijuz je kocham. Dzi臋kuj臋 przez 艂zy rado艣ci, 偶e tak bardzo pami臋ta艂a艣. Ju偶 oczyma wyobra藕ni pij臋 kawk臋 na tarasie i spogl膮dam na m贸j ogr贸d.

  2. JolaJola

    艢liczne, takie energetyczne i pobudzaj膮ce wyobra藕ni臋. Mo偶na si臋 w nie zag艂臋bi膰 pij膮c kaw臋 i zapomnie膰 na chwil臋 o wszystkim innym 馃檪
    P.S. Ale 偶eby pod garnek !!!!! No co Ty !!!!


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