Tuesday, 19 December 2017

“Sew All Around” Quilt Along 2017

This quilt was created from Gosia Pawlowska’s sample. It was in July last year. By few months Gosia worked out three samples and it was allowed to useany or even all of them and submit for the competition unlimited number of works. The deadline was untill now. I managed to finish only one piece and this one I’m just submitting.

I wrote about this quilt immediatelly after I made it. I recall it, because it’s required by the competition rules.

Here are some pictures of its details.

In order to achieve a harsh surface effect I used a thick polyester filling and quilted it with wasabi color thread. After some reconsideration I added some pink, turquose and a little bit of grey too. Regardless of a dense quilting this work is relatively thick and substantial.

Iit will find it’s place in our new home 🙂

I thank all the competitors for collective sewing and especially Gosia for a good fun 🙂 Best regards. Małgorzata

Size: 75 cm x 84 cm.

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  1. Krysia

    super jest ta technika wykonania, fajne poprzeczne linie szycia, dajc ciekawy efekt tekstury.
    Calosc jednak wzdaje mi sie calkiem jakos niepodobna do ‘Twojego stylu’ . :):):

    1. MałgorzataMałgorzata Post author

      Dziękuję Krysiu 🙂
      Niezwykle rzadko korzystam z cudzych pomysłów 🙂 A ten quilt jest pomysłem Gosi, pewnie dlatego tak inny od rzeczy, które szyję.


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