Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Little precious ones

I like those secret stashes that sometimes are called must-haves.

On occasion, I sew such a little one cause some little leftover piece of fabric is asking for being used. That’s the play with colour that I want to do something small and materials arrange themselves on their own.

The work below has been created when I was tidying up my fabrics and spotted this flowery material. A long time ago I made of it a pillow for eighteen.

The next piece took over my last notes. This fabric has been used many times and in various works. I remember some of them perfectly well.

When I sew such tiny pieces I’m doing my best to create a harmony of elements. This time the wren is helping to see the inside.

Sometimes I forget to take a picture of a work. Below is the only existing photo of the unfinished then kit that eventually emigrated to Ania J. The colours are not particularly accurate but the smartphone knows it better 😉

The helpers I created for my sister some time ago accompanied her on her holiday and it looks like they’ve been pictured nicely in an even nicer environment.

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