Thursday, 19 December 2019


Dog and Cat are not the only ones wating for a little guest 馃檪

I made this blanket with a reel of 2.5 ” fabrics have been given to me (as my trophy) together with other goods from Marta of CraftFabric. This shop is about to be closed , which worries me, because I liked the shopping there.

If you’re not sure how to arrange the colours, you may use any pre-prepared set. In order to make the whole thing more joyful I added the application shaped as a cat. I made a post about how to make a cat some time ago. This blanket is very warm, surely because of the linen made of soft minky聽 fleece. I explaned how to make this part of the work here.

Here is how the Wasabi Cat looks like:

When I finished the blanked I started thinking about the cushion. I picked a piece of fabric with a procession of dancing children for the top. Then I made a border using the remnants from the border of the blanket. The overall result is quite neat.

Sizes of the blanket: 120 cm x 150 cm.

Sizes of the cushion: 50 cm x 35 cm.

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  1. KasiaKasia

    Ko艂derka i poduszka jest uszyta z mi艂o艣ci膮. Komplecie jest przepiekny. Ju偶 widz臋 jak b臋dzie paluszkiem dotyka艂 kolorowe obrazki. Ma艂y go艣膰 nie wie jak bardzo jest kochany

    1. Ma艂gorzataMa艂gorzata Post author

      Masz racj臋 Kasiu, zawsze sporo serca wk艂adam w to, co robi臋. A w tym przypadku, sama rozumiesz 馃檪
      My艣l臋, 偶e Ma艂y czuje t臋 nasz膮 mi艂o艣膰. Nas wszystkich.

  2. JolaJola

    To jest przecudne 馃檪 Ta ukochana istotka pewnie by艂a prze szcz臋艣liwa w tym towarzystwie Kota Wasabi i ju偶 my艣li, kiedy do niego wr贸ci 馃檪 A od tej poduszeczki, to bym si臋 po prostu nie odklei艂a 馃槈


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