Sunday, 16 February 2020

Spring buzz

It’s almost time to think about the next dwelling 馃槈 And the Red Robin with a twig in his beak knows well about it.

This is another bird and I never have enough. Working on this spring picture as usual brought me a lot of pleasure.

I grouped all the birdy pictures in one place by creating a new category on the blog’s side panel. It appeared to be plenty of them.

Size: 43 cm x 41 cm.

Inspiration: Pinterest.

komentarze (6)

  1. JolaJola

    Kolejny s艂odziak 馃檪 Jaki zgrabny 馃槈 艢liczna praca. Pi臋knie dopasowane kolory, ju偶 tak wiosennie. Uroczy i u艣miecha si臋 do kolegi 馃檪

  2. Ela

    Zadziorna ptaszynka gniazdo wi膰 zaczyna, czas na przyj艣cie wiosny radosnej:)
    Zachwycam si臋 nieustannie.


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