Friday, 21 July 2017

Under the umbrella

There was another idea and different panel before Magic with a rose, but my mum changed her mind (without even seeing the results 😉 ).  I thought it would be a shame to leave it as that and so this bag was created.

This was the hardest part, but my sewing machine did manage it. I can’t even count how many layers of different fabrics had to be sewed through.

The back side is the same as her predecessors. The belt is very strong with a special carrying strap inside. The length of it is adjustable which allows to put the bag on a shoulder or to carry it ‘across ones back’.

The inside is grey-blue with a profiled bottom.

I’ve been frequently asked about the tutorials on which I did things. It never happened so far. Every time I make a bag I do this from scratch, testing new solutions coming to my mind. However I must admit that I keep to some of those which I found useful. I’ve been considering to create a tutorial on making a bag but the huge amount of work necessary for this discouraged me.

Bag size: bottom 33 cm x 7-11 cm, height 33 cm .

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  1. Wiola

    Piękna w tych błękitach. Przymierzam się do uszycia torebki z moimi pannami, ale gdy oglądam Twoje torby to nie wiem czy zdecyduję się na ich pokazanie.

  2. JolaJola

    Taka szykowna 🙂 Bardzo ładna, nieustannie podziwiam materiały i jeszcze tak pięknie dobrane. O wykonaniu to już nie wspomnę. Z taką torebką to tylko na wycieczkę do Paryża 🙂 Jedno z moich marzeń 😉


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