Monday, 15 June 2020

Green Geese

Perhaps some of you can recall this cushion. Or rather its predecessor that I sewed up more than five years (!) ago…

Jola asked for it and I was keen to do this cause it’s been some time since I did any patchwork classics, as abandoned it almost entirely later on. It’s been interesting to follow up on my own work.

I remember that when my tulip fabric ended at a time, I bought some more. I used to do so sometimes when I felt it was a pity that my whole stock of some favorite fabric run out.  Besides that, I had a lot of shades of green in other fabrics in order to arrange everything accordingly.

Below you can find both cushions being one of the most interesting of my classics, in my opinion.

The backside with a bar of night butterflies.

Size: 58 cm x 43 cm.

And also a tulip pad encapsulated with the wishes of the Spring in your hearts and best of luck for every single day (of love).

komentarze (6)

  1. Ela

    Bardzo podoba mi się klasyka w takim wydaniu. No, ślicznie kwiatowe są po prostu. Podkładka w punkt. Bardzo, ale to bardzo ładniutka❤

  2. JolaJola

    Przepiękne 🙂 Bardzo się cieszę z tej poduszki do kompletu, jest śliczna tak jak poprzednia 🙂 No i ta podkładka……….. 🙂 Ładniutka przeogromnie, bardzo Ci Małgosiu dziękuję 🙂


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