Thursday, 16 January 2020

Indian medicine pouch

Ania J. requested those little bags from me.

Those pouches are made of leather, they’re little and ready to be hanged on one’s neck. They’re similar to those Indian ones, and with purpose to contain talismans or medicine. I made more of them, but only those two had been photographed. I have a lot of leather scraps and I’m thinking about making a winter bag of them, but that thinking’s all for now.

Such pouches can be used as a lovely package for a small present, which is how they’ve ben used last Christmas when I was playing Santa. I’m showing them just to keep the memory of it, in case I’d like to make some more in the future.

Size approx. 8 x 8 cm.

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  1. JolaJola

    Śliczne, przydatne i ozdobne 🙂 Uwielbiam różne woreczki, sakiewki, kosmetyczki, pojemniczki, pudełeczka bo w domu zawsze znajdzie się coś do schowania lub przechowywania.


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