Wednesday, 30 June 2021


For Ela.

I mentioned this quilt before already in my previous posts. I made it for Ela, after many idle months and wishing to make it happen. I’m not a fan of looking for cotton fabric, even if it’s beautiful, or spending time shopping, but finally, I found something I loved and was suitable for the purpose. The animals and plants for someone who loves them, for a Naturalist. Or a “Lady of birds”, as she called herself ones.

I had several ideas on how to use this panel I bought from Dashwood Studio. The one that won can be seen here. Every block is a picture on its own. I’m showing just one out of 24 of them.

To make a set complete I also sewed a cushion about which I wrote before. All of this has been quilted on an ordinary home sewing machine, using a cotton filling and cotton linen that I adored for many years already.

Size160 cm x 220 cm.

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  1. Ela

    Odkrywam ukryte w “Wolierze” niespodzianki i ciągle się zachwycam. W realu praca jest jeszcze piękniejsza. Dziękuję, za spełnienie marzenia, Gosiu.

  2. JolaJola

    Woooow !!!! Jest fantastyczna 🙂
    Jakby to powiedziała moja córka, “mogłabym z nią oraz poduszeczką zamieszkać na kanapie” 😉 I mam nadzieję zobaczyć na własne oczy te cuda 🙂


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