Tuesday, 28 February 2017

A holiday postcard…


I have a box which is a warehouse for my works which haven’t been finished yet. There are not many of them and the number increases rather slowly as I’m used to finishing commenced things, but rather doesn’t mean always.

When I peeked inside recently I discovered the cushion’s top which I simply forgot about. It’s been 7 months since I started it.


The fabric which is the essence has been used two times in my works before and just the second one I couldn’t work out how to frame it. Finally I decided that this would be a Parisienne’s shopping. As for the firs case it was used in a back of my car cushion.

Finally I made the back and here it’s finished.


Size: 50 cm x 45 cm.

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  1. Babs Hatherall

    Love the way you have finished the cushion on the back. It’s always nice to see other peoples work.:)

  2. Krysia

    wyszła urocza, pastelowa! Jak lezał przygotowany materiał to trudno mi było sobie wyobrazić efekt końcowy.
    Tył tez piękny~)

  3. Ela

    Przytulić się, przytulić, przytulić… i odpocząć marząc o letnich wojażach. Piękna, a plecki urocze.

  4. JolaJola

    Tak, piękna a plecki urocze 🙂 Tylko nie rozumiem jak można uszyć tak wykrzywione a tak równiutko 😉

  5. Pauline Bond

    Where could obtain this fabric please. Is it obtainable in the UK? I had the link but lost it when I was messing about.Did you get it in Poland?

  6. Basia

    Subtelna , harmonijna – to nabardziej biega mi po głowie 🙂 Dla romantyczki na strudzone marzeniami drzemki 😉 Śliczna.


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